J. Patrick Rountree / Founder, Managing Partner

Patrick Rountree founded Rountable Consulting to help small and growing businesses achieve success through innovative financial leadership using his unique create problem-solving skills and a high level of detail orientation.  Patrick has over ten years of experience as a senior executive developing and implementing visionary strategies by building teams of highly motivated, innovative professionals.  Before founding Rountable Consulting, Patrick was the Chief Financial Officer for over ten years and most recently was the President and Chief Operating Officer for two years at Texana Bank, a community bank located in Northeast Texas.

During his time at Texana Bank, Patrick led the bank through a time of significant growth by focusing on building a team and an operational structure that could support a high level of growth.  He overhauled the bank’s accounting and financial reporting systems and processes, designed and implemented robust asset-liability, interest rate risk, and liquidity risk management systems, and developed the bank’s liquidity and funding platform and processes.  During this time, he also participated in multiple capital offerings raising both debt and equity capital from a combination of individual investors, private investment companies, and banks.

When not working, Patrick enjoys playing the trumpet, riding dressage and jumping horses, playing polo, and breeding and training Brittanys and Golden Retrievers with his wife, Haley, through Prestige Gun Dogs.

Patrick Rountree